How to Play Soft 19 in Blackjack











How to Play Soft 19 in Blackjack
By Henry Tamburin PH D.

One of the hands that blackjack players sometimes misplay is soft 19. This is a hand that totals 19 and contains an ace counted as 11. Examples of soft 19 hands are A-8 and A-3-5.

The reason the above hands are classified as “soft” 19 is because the strategy for playing them is different from a hand that totals 19 and either doesn’t contain an Ace (e.g., 10-9), or, if an Ace is present, it is counted as 1 (e.g., 5-9-A-4). (These are known as “hard” 19 hands, because if you hit them, they can break. By contrast, a “soft” hand cannot break if it you hit just one time.)

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